Juan Sarabia poses for a photo on a bridge over a river in Spain

Pairing study abroad with internships: Juan Sarabia

As a pillar of the Heavener School of Business experience, international study makes the world our students’ classroom. The experience of studying abroad develops students’ self-confidence and maturity, reinforces their commitment to learning, builds strong career skills, and fosters an understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

The Heavener School of Business has enriched students’ global experiences by offering them the opportunity to complete an internship while abroad. International internship experiences are available in eight countries. These experiences equip students with the skills to compete in today’s globalized marketplace, create a global network, strengthen their resume and gain proficiency in a foreign language.

Read more about the experiences of Heavener students who interned while studying abroad:

Juan Sarabia | Junior, Finance

Internship: Agora EAFI Asesores Financieros, Madrid, Spain

Why did you decide to complete your internship abroad in Madrid?

One of the things that I was considering doing when I graduated was going to live and work abroad, and Madrid was a city I was considering. I had been to Madrid when I was younger, and I wanted to go back and actually live and work there because that would be the best way to see if I would want to live there in the future.

Tell us about your experience at Agora EAFI. What were your daily duties? Did you have any major projects that you worked on? What are you most proud of that you accomplished at your internship?

My experience at Agora EAFI was great. I worked with the CTO to determine if, using Agora EAFI’s algorithm, the company would be profitable if it invested in the Japanese stock market. I was also tasked with finding the reasons why companies were dropped from the S&P 500 and to see if Agora EAFI would be profitable if they invested in those companies. What I am most proud of in my internship was my ability to adapt to the tasks I was given. I had to work on tasks which I had never done, on things that I wasn’t familiar with, and I had to ask questions when necessary. That helped me see that I am capable of more than I think I am, and I am adaptable and capable of working in different situations while still being able to thrive in those situations.

How do you think your internship experience abroad will help you accomplish your future career goals?

I want to work for a global company when I graduate, and having an internship abroad will help me better market myself to those companies. I can show them that I am able to work with different cultures and adapt. I can also show that I am not afraid of working in unknown situations and on tasks that I may not be familiar with.

What knowledge did you gain from your internship experience that you can use during your time at the Warrington College of Business?

What I gained from my internship was that sometimes you get tasks with not much guidance, and you have to find your way while not being afraid to ask others for help. You have to be creative when finding ways to solve your problems. I can use this knowledge at the Warrington College of Business when working on group projects to be able to adapt to situations that may arise and find creative ways to get tasks done. I can also use my experience to show that sometimes I may not know that I am capable of something until I go out and try it.