Macy Trizonis, Isabella Dohse, Clayton Robinson and Nelly Wilson
From top left: Macy Trizonis, Isabella Dohse, Clayton Robinson and Nelly Wilson.

How a combination degree will set you up for career success, and save you time and money

In today’s competitive job market, having a special skill set that sets you apart from the crowd is imperative to getting hired. Having the knowledge and abilities that come with a master’s degree is one way to help you stand out, but alas, like all good things, earning a master’s degree takes time.  

Because we know your time is valuable, at the Warrington College of Business, we offer you the ability to earn your undergraduate and graduate degree at an accelerated pace through our combination degree programs. By earning both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you can deepen your industry knowledge with more advanced coursework, make stronger connections with faculty and peers, and gain real-world experience that helps you stand out, all while saving time and money. We’re sure the more than 200 Warrington students who graduated with both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees this year would agree.

Check out what Warrington alumni had to say about how they benefitted from earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree.  

Bachelor’s degree + Master of International Business

“Through dynamic course material, class discussions, group projects and experiences studying actual policy issues overseas, I developed the skill set to be competitive for a career in foreign affairs.”

 – Adam Sotomayor, BSBA ’10, MIB ’10

“For me, the transition from Heavener to Hough was seamless. Taking the opportunity to pursue a master’s at the same time as a bachelor’s seemed like a no-brainer, and I spent most of my time each day bouncing between the two buildings. The professors and advisors within the Hough Graduate School were unmatched. Once admitted, we were immediately given so many resources to help us personally and professionally, with faculty that genuinely cared about us and remembered the little things about each student. This made Hough feel so welcoming and gave us all the confidence that we would be able to succeed professionally. Furthermore, the professors that I had throughout the Hough Graduate School were some of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and I appreciated being able to learn about both broad and niche topics of my choice from highly accomplished professors.”

Chloe Beaver, BSBA ’20, MIB ’20


Bachelor’s degree + Thomas S. Johnson Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

“A master’s degree is unique from an undergraduate degree in that you have more hands-on experience, team projects that develop your interpersonal skills and you get exposed to multiple industries, whether they be business-based or not. A master’s degree takes what you learn as an undergraduate and digs deeper into those topics and subjects. You learn specific problem-solving skills that you will implement into your life and you network with not just your fellow students, but the alumni of those programs.”

Carolina Borroto, BABA ’17, MSE ’18


Bachelor’s degree + William R. Hough Master of Science in Finance

“There was a lot of grit instilled in us in going through the MSF program at UF. Coming from that different path, we had to work harder, be more prepared, you had to have a lot of passion. Having grit instilled in us was one of the best traits of the program.”

Peter Gylfe, BSBA ’09, MSF ’10

“You can be involved in so many opportunities [at Warrington] and work with your fellow students. I think that reaching success in your goals alongside each other is the coolest part. Having that sense of community and being able to relate on the things you wish to achieve is really great.”

Isabella Dohse, BSBA ’19, MSF ’20


Bachelor’s degree + Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management

“Having earned an associate degree in high school through dual enrollment, I immediately jumped into my finance major classes. At the same time, through the Intro to Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) class taught by Dr. Aditi Mukherjee, I discovered I was excited about new technologies and passionate regarding the positive impact they could make in the world.”

Nelly Wilson, BSBA ’17, MS-ISOM ’19


Bachelor’s degree + Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate

“The MSRE program provided me with the close-knit family feeling at a school that I didn’t think was possible, considering the school population of over 50,000 students. This was an experience and feeling that my classes at the undergraduate level never provided me.”

Clayton Robinson, BSBA ’19, MSRE ’20

“I greatly recommend considering the combination degree option. There is so much to gain from the graduate level education in the specialty you want to pursue that you cannot receive as an undergraduate. Whether it be through classes, unique opportunities, or building a community of like-minded individuals, Hough allows you to develop academically, professionally and personally.”

Macy Trizonis, BSBA ’18, MSRE ’19

Warrington also has new options for combination degrees in our Master of Science in Management for business majors and Master of Science in Marketing programs. Learn more about these programs and more during Virtual Combination Degree Week happening June 1-5. Register for the event today!
Correction: An earlier version of this story quoted alumna Christine Haworth as a combination degree student. Her quote has been removed, as she was traditional student in the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program, not a combination degree student as the story initially stated.