Anuj Kumar

EPInc. – An AI-enabled Knowledge Diffusion Platform

As part of his collaboration with the RightWalk Foundation, Matherly Professor Anuj Kumar built the EPInc platform – an AI-based integrated knowledge diffusion platform for K-12 schools. This platform aims to create a uniform and higher overall educational production (cognitive and non-cognitive) in K-12 classrooms with scarce educational resources.

The key idea behind this platform is that some students grasp the concepts taught in the classroom, but others don’t. If students who understand the concepts share their knowledge with others, it may result in higher educational production in classrooms. It may also result in more uniform learning across students.

The EPInc platform implements this idea by creating balanced teams by grouping students of different abilities into a team. As a result, there are high-ability students in each team to motivate their peers to study and help them with their knowledge gaps. In addition, the platform organizes team-based educational tournaments and nudges students to share knowledge with their team members to win. Besides leveraging peer resources in classrooms, the platform carefully combines behavioral and psychosocial interventions on other entities in the K-12 ecosystem to harness their complementarity.

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