Philip Podsakoff
Hyatt and Cici Brown Chair in Business Philip Podsakoff

Warrington College of Business faculty member reaches new research milestone

Philip M. Podsakoff, the Hyatt and Cici Brown Chair of Business, has reached a new milestone rarely achieved in the academic world. According to the Web of Science (all database search), he has received over 100,000 citations for his scholarly research (and is approaching 200,000 citations in Google Scholar).

Although the Web of Science does not publish the number of scientists who have received this many citations, a recent study by researchers at Stanford University placed Podsakoff above the 99.99th percentile for his career contributions in business and management.

According to the Web of Science, Podsakoff has co-authored one article that has received over 50,000 citations, two other articles with over 9,500 citations, and eight more with at least 1,200 citations. Articles receiving this many citations are uncommon. Out of the over 117,000,000 articles tracked in the Web of Science, fewer than 50 have received at least 50,000 citations, less than .0008% have received at least 9,500 citations, and only .04% have received 1,200 or more citations.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition because citations are often considered a measure of the impact researchers have on their scientific field.” said Podsakoff. “But it is important to say that no one achieves a milestone like this by themselves. During my career, I have the good fortune of working closely with Scott MacKenzie (a colleague at Indiana University) and Nathan Podsakoff (a faculty member at the University of Arizona), and several exceptional Ph.D. students, including Bill Bommer, Jiing-Lih (Larry) Farh, Tim Maynes, Yiduo Shao, Steve Whiting, Larry Williams, and Junhui Yang.

“I have also been fortunate to receive support for my research efforts from the Hyatt and Cici Brown Chair in Business and the Warrington College of Business.”

Podsakoff is the co-author of two books, more than a dozen book chapters, and over 80 journal articles in a wide variety of academic journals in the fields of management, marketing, applied psychology, and management information systems.

His applied research focuses on leadership effectiveness, substitutes for leadership, social influence processes, and the antecedents and consequences of organizational citizenship behaviors; and his methodological research focuses on concept definition, construct validation procedures, measurement model misspecification, and the identification of procedural and statistical remedies to control common method biases.               

Podsakoff is the former John F. Mee Chair of Management at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, a Fellow of the Academy of Management and the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and he has received the Academy of Management Research Methods Division’s Distinguished Career Award (2013), the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award (2019) the Academy of Management’s Distinguished Scholarly Contributions Award (2019), and the American Psychological Association’s Samuel J. Messick Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award (2021).