Student stands next to company sign.

Heavener students take on the heat with summer internships

This summer, students from across the Heavener School of Business are gaining real-world experience through internships with global and international companies. Internships and externships, where students can gain the same hands-on work experience in a remote learning environment, are a critical piece of the Heavener experience, as they are key to developing skillsets and core competencies that employers seek.

Check out the internships Heavener students are participating in this summer, what they hope to gain from their experiences and what they’ve learned from their internship opportunities.

Natalia Perez stands next to a company sign.

Natalia Perez is completing her internship at Bain & Company.

Natalia Perez – BSBA ’23, MS-Marketing ‘24

Internship: Associate Consultant Intern | Bain & Company | Atlanta, Georgia

Internship Goal: “I am hopeful that this internship will teach me more about what it is like to work in a corporate setting. These 10 weeks are the perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of the workload, expectations and overall experience of a career in consulting. I am striving to feel comfortable working in a job that focuses on developing innovative solutions and helping others solve their biggest problems. I know that this summer will push me to challenge myself and constantly find new ways of thinking while attacking new projects.

“Additionally, I am looking forward to the opportunity to gain real world consulting experience and see the impact this industry has on businesses firsthand. Ever since I discovered that a career in consulting was something I wanted to pursue, I have been searching for the chance to put my passion into action. I hope that through my internship I am able to learn all about the basis of consulting while also having the chance to add value and have a meaningful impact through all of the work that I do.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “One of the most important things I have learned through my internship so far is the importance of collaboration. In the short time that I have been with my team, I have seen them work together on numerous aspects of our case and truly band together at times to reach a certain goal. I have seen the power of watching diverse individuals at Bain come together and leverage their unique perspectives in order to solve a very complex problem or even just get to the bottom of what our client needs.

“My time at Bain has also taught me that there is always more to learn. Everyday has been a new experience for me and has given me more knowledge than I ever could have imagined. Consulting has showed me that you can always continue to push yourself and find new things to learn, especially from those around you. I have also learned many of the more technical skills in consulting such as building surveys, collecting and analyzing customer research and creating slide decks that accurately share our findings with clients.”

Carlyn Russell stands next to a company sign.

Carlyn Russell is working with NextEra Energy this summer.

Carlyn Russell – BSBA ’24, MIB ‘25

Internship: Human Resources Employee Benefits Intern | NextEra Energy | Juno Beach, Florida

Internship Goal: “I hope to gain transferrable skills, connections and career insights out of my internship experience. Transferable skills add value to you as an employee and prepare you for the professional workplace. Through this internship, I have already gained experience in team building, IT and strategy. Networking is one of, if not the, most important factor in gaining a presence in the workplace. The more people you build a positive connection with, the more opportunities you have. There are so many business units within NextEra, and I set a goal of meeting with at least one person in each unit to learn about their experience and gain insights. Lastly, while I love Human Resources, I hope to gain clarity and insights into the specific industry I want to join and the steps I can take now to reach my career goals. I am excited to gain more knowledge in all of these aspects during my time at this internship.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “First and foremost, I have learned the importance of proper employee benefits and how NextEra uses marketing tactics to communicate them to its employees. My internship project requires me to understand the ins and outs of all the company’s benefits. Through this experience, I now know the standard to which companies should be held in regard to employee care and respect. Second, I’ve gained much knowledge in operating Excel. Being proficient in Excel is an integral and valuable skill in just about every business setting. I primarily use Excel for my project this summer, and I’m extremely grateful that I took an Excel class during my time at UF because I already had a basis of knowledge to build on.

“Third, I learned that the best teams have the strongest bonds. Building relationships with your team outside of the workplace helps you collaborate as a cohesive unit. The employee benefits team is the most welcoming, helpful and friendly group of people I have ever met. They continuously surpass their goals due to their hard work and genuine care for what they do and the people they work with. Lastly, I have realized the importance of asking for help. When I started my internship, I was scared to ask questions, but I then realized the only way I would learn and grow is through being inquisitive. I’ve not only gained incredible workplace knowledge, as mentioned, but I’ve also gained many new friendships and mentors that I’m very grateful for.”

Samira Gage stands beneath a company sign.

Samira Gage is honing her skills in her internship at Deloitte.

Samira Gage – BSAc ’25, MAcc ‘25

Internship: Discovery 2 Tax Intern | Deloitte | Tampa, Florida

Internship Goal: “My leading goal for this internship is to gain a better understanding of the services and specialties offered at Deloitte. I am interested in the tax service line but there are many taxation specialties that I would love to learn more about. The latter half of my internship includes shadowing opportunities that will give me firsthand exposure to what accounting looks like in the real world. I look forward to exploring how Deloitte employees serve their clients confidently and efficiently. Also, I am excited to expand my professional network and build my brand as an eager upcoming graduate accounting student!”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “So far, I have learned the importance of the quote, ‘get comfortable with being uncomfortable.’ This internship comes with many opportunities to network with diverse people, work in teams with differing personalities and introductions to unfamiliar topics. I am an introvert, so being in this new environment is quite daunting. However, I have embraced the vulnerable and uncomfortable feelings which has made me a better leader and communicator.

“Also, Deloitte has introduced me to the significance of the Business Chemistry framework. The Business Chemistry framework provides a simple way to identify meaningful differences between various working styles. Currently, I am in a business simulation team that has found the value of understanding our unique behavior patterns. The communication of our working styles has made us a stronger team progressing towards a common goal.”

Mariam Sargsyan holds a piece of paper next to her face.

Mariam Sargsyan is completing an international internship with Ernst & Young this summer.

Mariam Sargsyan – BSBA ‘25

Internship: Strategies and Transactions Intern | Ernst & Young | Yerevan/Armenia, hybrid

Internship Goal: “During my internship with Ernst & Young (EY) in the Transactions and Strategies department, I have set several goals to maximize my learning and professional growth. Firstly, I hope to gain practical exposure to the field of financial transactions and strategies, allowing me to apply the theoretical knowledge I have acquired during my academic studies.

“One of my main objectives is to develop a comprehensive understanding of various financial analysis techniques and methodologies. By working alongside experienced professionals at EY, I aim to enhance my proficiency in conducting due diligence, financial modeling and valuations. I believe that acquiring these skills will provide me with a solid foundation for a successful career in the financial services industry. I am also looking forward to strengthening my teamwork and collaboration abilities. EY is renowned for its collaborative work environment, and I am excited to contribute to cross-functional teams and engage in projects that require effective communication and coordination. I anticipate that this experience will not only improve my interpersonal skills but also enable me to learn from my colleagues and build valuable professional relationships and network.

“Additionally, I am keen on expanding my knowledge of the global business landscape. EY’s extensive client base and international presence offer a unique opportunity to work on projects spanning different industries and geographies. By participating in engagements with diverse clients, I hope to gain insights into their specific challenges and develop a global mindset that will be invaluable in my future endeavors.

“Finally, I aspire to grasp a comprehensive understanding of EY’s corporate culture and values. As one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, EY is known for its commitment to integrity, professionalism and client service. By observing and learning from experienced EY professionals, I aim to align my own work ethic and values with those of the organization. I believe that embracing these principles will not only contribute to my personal growth but also shape my professional identity as I progress in my career.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “During my internship with EY in the Transactions and Strategies department, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow in various aspects. The experience has been enriching, providing me with valuable insights into the financial services industry and sharpening my professional skills.

“One of the key lessons from my internship has been the practical application of financial analysis techniques. Through hands-on experience and guidance from professionals, I have gained proficiency in conducting due diligence assessments. This includes analyzing financial statements, performing ratio analysis and evaluating the financial health of companies. These skills have enhanced my ability to identify potential risks and opportunities, enabling me to contribute to the decision-making process more effectively.

“Furthermore, my internship has deepened my understanding of financial modeling and valuation techniques. I have had the opportunity to work closely on valuation research and complex financial models, incorporating factors such as discounted cash flow analysis, scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis. These experiences have not only enhanced my technical skills but also improved my ability to interpret and present financial data in a clear and concise manner.

“Working with EY has also allowed me to gain industry-specific knowledge across various sectors. By collaborating on engagements with clients from different industries, I have developed a deeper understanding of their unique challenges, market dynamics and regulatory environments. This exposure has broadened my perspective and equipped me with the ability to approach problems from multiple angles, ensuring comprehensive and tailored solutions.”

Matthew Schull stands next to company sign.

Matthew Schull is making the most of his internship at Google.

Matthew Schull – BSBA ‘24

Internship: Google Customer Solutions BOLD Intern | Google | New York City, New York

Internship Goal: “The opportunity to learn and surround myself with incredibly talented and smart individuals is something I have always striven for. This summer, I am fortunate enough to be interning with Google, dedicating 12 weeks of my time at their esteemed NYC office absorbing the foundational skills crucial for sales, relationship management and being a professional! Throughout my time in school, my goal has always been to explore a career in technology sales as well as corporate, and this learning experience is exactly that. By the end of this summer, I want to walk away having learned how to be a trusted advisor with the ability to understand a client’s challenges and the skills to help them solve it. This internship is a pivotal steppingstone in my career, and I am genuinely excited to seize every opportunity for growth and development that comes my way.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “My internship is broken down into two separate learning experiences. This first five weeks, learning takes place in the Google Sales school. This is the area where all new Google sellers are enrolled before being provided a book of clients to reach out and sell to. Some key topics in the five weeks include project knowledge about Google Ads (the product we pitch to our partners), how to run an effective sales meeting, how to handle objections and how to differentiate Google. At the end of each week, we do mock calls with our manager, practicing the skills we learned throughout the week to test our baseline of business, sales and product acumen, serving as a learning benchmark before actually selling to real clients.

“The remaining weeks, we are given a ‘training’ book to put our sales skills to the test and reach a target. Aside from learning sales and business skills, I have learned a ton about myself. For example, the importance of maintaining a work-life balance is a value I resonate with immensely in my life. Furthermore, you own your own career. If you want to be successful, you need to be hungry to succeed and demonstrate curiosity in everything. When you are curious, you will ask questions and learn more! Lastly, this experience has afforded me the opportunity to see how I could fit into the culture at Google and reinforced in myself that sales is the career path I want to pursue in the future. Yes, I have learned that the food at Google is free. And yes, we do play ping pong between meetings!”

Taylor Anderson sits at a computer with FedEx logos on the monitors.

Taylor Anderson is working remotely with FedEx this summer.

Taylor Anderson – BSBA ’23, MS Marketing ’24

Internship: Solutions/Analysis Intern | FedEx | Memphis, Tennessee (remote)

Internship Goal: “In addition to my eagerness to explore life at a large corporation like FedEx, my previous experiences at smaller startups and organizations have given me valuable insights into the different challenges and advantages of working in diverse environments. While smaller startups offer greater opportunities for influence and involvement in multiple projects, they also come with a higher level of responsibility and accountability. Joining a Fortune 500 company like FedEx will enable me to immerse myself in the world of a large organization and compare the two different worlds. I am proud to join the world’s leading shipping & transportation company and make a positive impact that will hopefully be felt for long to come.

One aspect that particularly excites me about this internship is the chance to apply my digital content creation skills. My role primarily revolves around designing digital training content for new employees joining FedEx. This aligns perfectly with my previous skill set and grants me the creative freedom necessary to produce high-quality content. Through this internship, I hope to further develop my skills in digital content creation and gain hands-on experience that I can apply to future endeavors.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “During my internship, I have been fortunate to gain a holistic view of FedEx and contribute to the creation of content that simplifies the complexity of the organization’s vast network for new employees. At the present moment, FedEx is undergoing one of its largest transitional periods in history, as it moves from separate entities such as FedEx Express, Ground, and Freight, to a unified organization known as “One FedEx.” As part of my internship final project, I will be responsible for delivering content that explains this significant transition to new employees, highlighting the various benefits associated with the initiatives.

One aspect of my internship experience at FedEx that has stood out to me is the organization’s strong emphasis on performance and results. From my very first day, it became evident that there is no free “feel good points” or political nonsense that you often find in some college organizations or public institutions. While there is certainly value in those environments, I personally appreciate an atmosphere where individuals are rewarded based on the quality of their work and dedication to the organization.

At FedEx, employees have the opportunity to set work goals in collaboration with their managers. This goal-setting process creates a clear system for measuring performance and provides employees with a tangible target to strive for. This system not only motivates individuals to perform at their best but also establishes a direct correlation between exceptional work and recognition in the form of financial incentives.

I firmly believe that rewarding those who consistently deliver high-quality work leads to a cycle of continuous improvement. When individuals see their efforts being acknowledged and rewarded, it fosters a sense of satisfaction and motivates them to continue producing excellent work. This creates a positive feedback loop where employees are driven to exceed expectations and contribute to the overall success of the organization. I am excited to see what the rest of my internship at FedEx has in store for me and the future impact I will be able to have.”

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