Heavener students at internships across the nation

Thinking outside the box when searching for internships and full-time roles

In just a few days the fall recruiting season of 2019 will officially begin. During this time, thousands of Business Gators will embark on the journey of researching, applying, and interviewing for internships and full-time roles. This year we challenge all students to think outside the box when searching for their next break. Why? Because your dream internship and career may be in a field, industry or company you never even considered. And now is the best time to discover what your future holds. See an internship or job posting that catches your eye? Apply! Your degree from the Warrington College of Business can lead you to countless amazing opportunities. 

Read on to learn about seven Heavener School of Business students who took a leap and interned this past summer at an organization whose industry is outside their major.

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Jessica Lorenzo stands in front of a building in New York City holding a bag and teddy bear

Jessica Lorenzo, BSBA ’22, BA ’22 – 2019 Intern of the Year nominee from WayUp!

Major: Management & English

Legal Assistant Intern at Bernstein Litowitz Berger and Grossmann, LLP in New York City, NY

Industry: Legal/Law

How did you hear about this role?

“My BUMP Mentor here at UF really motivated me to start looking for internships and job opportunities for the upcoming summer. My mother had worked for a makeup company in the Exxon building located in NYC and she was aware of various firms who rented out floors. She told me to reach out to some of them and see if they had internship positions. Bernstein Litowitz Berger and Grossman, LLP (BLB&G) was the first firm I reached out to, and I was in contact with the partner. He was impressed that at such a young age I wanted to learn more about security litigation, and I had such a passion for the law.

What intrigued you to intern in the legal industry?

“I have always had a passion for law. In high school I took three law classes, and I was the president of my school’s Mock Trial team. I joined the UF Litigators Mock Trial team and we learn trial advocacy skills among a plethora of other things involving law.”

Why Bernstein Litowitz Berger and Grossmann, LLP?

“I ultimately chose to intern for this company because they really showed an interest for wanting me at their firm. It is very easy to see my age and how young I am, and not want to hire someone with such inexperience. Another factor that drew me to the firm was the fact that BLB&G is a leading law firm advising institutional investors on issues of corporate governance, shareholder rights and securities litigation. Corporate law was something I have always considered pursuing and has led me to follow a business major. Thus, this was a perfect fit, and I was excited to learn the logistics of what goes on in a real-world legal setting.”

How has your management major prepared you for your internship?

“During my freshman year taking economics as well as statistics and other core classes has better taught me how to visualize production, consumption, and transfer of wealth and has led me to understand theories and trends better. I have improved upon my analytical thinking and my computer software skills using Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and was able to get Excel Certified.”

What advice do you have for students looking to intern in the same field or organization?

“A piece of advice I would give would be to apply to as many companies and organizations as you can. You never know who will hire you and a fear of rejection should not intimate or scare you. You will regret the chances you don’t take. Never regret putting yourself out there and trying. Also, getting involved on campus is great for networking as well because I would never have had the drive and support of people around me if it was not for organizations and clubs I became a part of.”

Matthew Bent stands in front of the Fornetix Matthew Bent, BSBA ’21

Major: Finance

Rotational Intern at Fornetix in Frederick, MD

Industry: Technology/Science

What intrigued you to intern in the technology industry and why Fornetix?

“The amount of complexities involved in the cyber security field really got me interested into the technology industry. It was a whole new world to me, and I loved learning all about it. I have always had an interest in technology and with this role I have been able to learn so much more about it and how things work. I get to see how a company reacts to an ever-changing industry, and I get to grow and learn with it. Fornetix is not like many of the other cyber security companies out there. They have patented technology on key orchestration for data encryption, which is extremely interesting to learn about. I enjoy that I get to work for a company that has their own proprietary technology to solve complex problems. The office is very small, and relationships are easily built here. It is a place where a small entity like an intern can make a big impact on the company.”

How has your finance major prepared you for your internship?

“As a finance student, taking information systems has given me great preparation for the use of Excel. I use Excel to complete most of my projects and having a vast knowledge in the program has helped me a lot. I have also needed and applied many skills learned in business finance such as time value of money and Excel formulas.”

What advice do you have for students looking to intern cyber security or the technology industry?

“Gather as much knowledge as you can about using Excel, PowerPoint and other applications. Most businesses utilize these applications almost every day and knowing how to use them effectively will save you a lot of time. Another tip is to not overthink when given a project. You may think you do not know how to do it, but most tasks are not that complicated, and if you use your prior knowledge you will be able to understand most of it. If not, you should always ask questions. Most co-workers/managers are more than happy to help, and you should be able to spot social cues from people who do not want to be asked questions.”

Brandon Climenhage stands in front of UF Health Shands Hospital

Brandon Climenhage, BABA ’20

Major: General Studies, Pre-Health

UF Health Research Internship at UF Health Cardiac Arrest Research Team in Gainesville, FL

Industry: Pharma/Biotech/Health/Medical 

How did you hear about this role?

“I heard about this role from a physician I shadow in the Emergency Department at Shands. I spoke with him about Heavener’s internship requirement, and he connected me with another physician that directs research for the Cardiac Arrest Research Team at UF Health.” 

What intrigued you to intern in the medical industry?

“I plan on attending medical school after I graduate from UF. I have always had an interest in emergency medicine, and I believe that the emergency department is a goal I will set when I decide what area of medicine I will practice in.  This internship stood out to me as I knew it would give me a unique experience in a field that I love.”

Why UF Health?

“Part of UF Health’s mission is to provide high-quality healthcare to everyone who walks through their doors. Their mission is so important to me as it is and will be my goal in patient care for the rest of my life. I want to be a part of an organization that prioritizes their patients, and experience with medical professionals that strive for the highest level of care will enable me to achieve this goal in my future career.” 

How has your general business major prepared you for your internship?

“While medicine and business are a more unusual combination, I believe the two fit very well together. My major has exposed me to classes that have enhanced my skillset in a way that will benefit me professional. Both my oral and written communication have been sharpened through various classes in Heavener. In my internship, I am expected to use effective communication whether I am shadowing in the ER, attending a research meeting or writing part of a study. Interviewing plays a huge role in being accepted to both medical school and matching with a residency, and general communication skills are vital in any kind of patient care.”

What advice do you have for students looking to intern in the medical industry?

“Pursue the field that you love, even if that field isn’t something directly business related. If your passion is medicine, I believe you even have an advantage over others who may not have the skillset that you’ve received at Heavener. Use the knowledge and experience you have gained as a business student to impress a company in the medical field. You aren’t their usual applicant, and you will stand out, so you have an amazing opportunity to be remembered when it comes time to choose interns. 

Gabriel Figueroa stands in front of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce logo Gabriel Figueroa, BSBA ’22

Major: Finance

Programs & Marketing Intern at Winter Park Chamber of Commerce in Winter Park, FL

Industry: Consulting Services/Government Affairs

How did you hear about the internship?

“Through the Youth Leadership Program offered at the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce. I knew it was an opportunity that I could not miss so I reached out to the Chamber CEO & President and explained my interest.”

What intrigued you to intern in the consulting services and government industry?

“I have always been fascinated by the local businesses in my hometown, and I wanted to better understand their inner workings and what made them so successful. Going into this internship, I was eager to work and build connections with the diverse group of community leaders that are a part of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.”

Why the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce?

“For starters, this internship was like a dream to me because I got to work all summer in my favorite place, Winter Park, Florida. However, I chose the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce because of its mission and people. I strongly believe in the Chamber’s mission, which is to convene people and ideas for the benefit of our businesses and community. As an intern, I was able to witness these words become reality, as I met some of the most influential leaders and saw how committed they were in serving the community. Most importantly, the staff at the Chamber always invested in my professional development and although I was the marketing intern, my supervisor gave me the opportunity to gain more experience and work on projects with other departments such as Government Affairs.”

How has your finance major prepared you for your internship?

“The Professional Speaking in Business class that I took my freshman year, as well as Problem Solving with Computer Software were both instrumental in my preparation for this internship. I relied heavily on software such as Excel and PowerPoint to create professional business documents and presentations for the Chamber.” 

What advice do you have for students looking to intern in the consulting services and government industry?

“My best advice is to continue to build strong connections. I was able to secure this internship through networking. Never be afraid to reach out to someone or introduce yourself.”

Kyle Finkel sits in front of a computer with two other interns on a couch

Kyle Finkel, BABA ’22

Major: General Studies, Sports Management

Summer Business Analyst at Jerrick Media in Fort Lee, NJ

Industry: Media/Entertainment

What intrigued you to intern in the media and entertainment industry?

“As we proceed to the year 2020, our society has entered a technological revolution. The media industry is at the forefront of our current technological enhancement so working for a company in this field struck me as a great learning experience.”

Why Jerrick Media?

“Jerrick Media is a holding company who invests in businesses that are working to enhance the social and digital industry.”

How has your general studies major prepared you for your internship?

“As a General Studies major in the Warrington College of Business, I have engaged in many critical classes such as: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting, and many others. These courses have given me critical knowledge in understanding how to analyze a business.”

What advice do you have for students looking to intern in the media and entertainment industry?

“If you are thinking about interning in the media industry, I will tell you first-hand that your experience will be beneficial no matter what your potential career path may be. Working in the media industry will allow you to analyze how current businesses transition and pivot for our new technological age.”

Danielle Gray stands in front of the Warner Music Group logo Danielle Gray, BSBA ’21

Major: Marketing

International Marketing and Promotions, Intern at Warner Music Group // Atlantic Records in New York, NY

Industry: Media/Entertainment

How did you hear about the internship?

“I heard about this role through a music industry Facebook group. My supervisor had posted looking for an intern and that anyone interested should apply.”

What intrigued you to intern in the media and entertainment industry?

“Growing up I attended many concerts and events, so I fell in love with the entertainment scene. I decided I wanted a job that revolved around something I love, which in this case is music.”

Why Warner Music Group?

“Warner Music Group is one of the top music companies in the world. To be able to learn and grow from employees within their company is an absolute dream. Not only that, their roster is so diverse. It ranges from hip-hop, alternative, to pop artists.”

How has your marketing major prepared you for your internship?

“My marketing major opened my eyes on how to target an audience. Every marketing campaign is different depending on what demographic you are targeting.”

What advice do you have for students looking to intern in the media and entertainment industry?

“My advice to other students interested in interning in the entertainment field would be to take ANY opportunity you are given, no matter how small. Build up your resume as much as you can. Lastly, be proactive. Go on LinkedIn, social media and connect with as many people as you can!”

Haley Hanlon

Haley Hanlon, BABA ’21

Major: General Studies; Mass Communication

Event Coordinator, Intern at Grand Events in Tampa, FL

Industry: Hospitality/Event Management

What intrigued you to intern in the hospitality and event industry?

“I was intrigued to work in this field because the job is people oriented, creative and on a timely schedule. This field is based off communicating and collaborating with your team members and clients on different aspects needed to successfully put on an event. A job that lets your mind constantly create new ideas and help someone build their dream event is what intrigued me most.”

Why Grand Events?

“I chose Grand Events of Florida because it was in my hometown. Grand Events of Florida would give me an opportunity to build new relationships with clients and business clients for the future. Grand Events was a place where I knew the company was one to meet their clients’ needs and make a dream a reality.”

How has your general business major prepared you for your internship?

“My general business major prepared me for my internship by teaching me to get competitive bids from vendors, negotiate your client’s contracts, marketing our company to these clients and incorporating new technology for each event.”

What advice do you have for students looking to intern in the hospitality and event industry?

“Patience is key in this field due to the high stress of your time constraints to make your deadlines for a rewarding occasion for the clients. You also will run into last minute problems, so you need to be quick on your feet in order to solve the issues.”