Aner Sela
City Furniture Professor Aner Sela

I’m an Expert: How To Know If an Item Is Worth Your Cash

Conventional wisdom and so-called ‘never buy’ lists will tell you that there are certain things that are rarely worth spending your money on. Such items typically run the gamut from cheap, low-quality items like single-use plastics or dollar store kitchen gadgets, to spendy status purchases like designer handbags or trendy exercise equipment.

Other common categories of items are goods or services that are intangible or fleeting, like extended warranties, meals out at restaurants, or gym memberships that go underused.

But are these lines of guidance rules to live and make purchase decisions by?

City Furniture Professor Aner Sela, an expert on how people make choices and form preferences, says that the answer to that question is a definitive “no”.

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