Klodiana Lanaj and Remy Jennings
Martin L. Schaffel Professor Klodiana Lanaj and Management Ph.D. alumna Remy Jennings.

Want to Be a Better Leader? Stop Thinking About Work After Hours

It’s not uncommon for managers to continue thinking about their job, even after the official workday is over. This may involve ruminating about an issue with an employee, trying to think of a solution to a client problem, or creating a mental to-do list for the next day.

But new research from Martin L. Schaffel Professor Klodiana Lanaj and alumna Remy Jennings (Ph.D. ’22) shows that this tendency may not be beneficial, particularly for people new to a leadership role. In fact, constant rumination leads managers to be more depleted and less able to show up as leaders — something even their employees can pick up on.

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