Can I get an MBA without a previous business degree?

If you’re considering the next step in your career, pursuing an MBA can be an outstanding option to help you earn a promotion or jump to a new industry. But what if your undergraduate degree is in something other than business? Does that matter?

It doesn’t! UF MBA is intentionally designed to start with the basics you need, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a business class before. It’s integral that you learn the building blocks early in the process as your classes grow into more advanced curriculum, and we will help you keep up every step of the way.

Everyone has a different reason for pursuing an MBA. For non-business majors, it often has to do with either shifting to a new job in business or simply wanting to know how business can impact your current career. Earning an MBA will provide you with unique skills to stand out no matter the reason. As 12,500+ UF MBA graduates around the world have experienced, the transformational program will set you up for success and deepen your understanding of the business world. 

Non-business majors are an important part of the program. UF MBA frequently enrolls students from unique undergraduate degrees and backgrounds. You can read our stories about medical professionals, lawyers, engineers, communications professionals, and STEM majors to learn how those industries all benefit from earning an MBA.

There’s also a good chance we have a program that’s designed with the exact amount of flexibility you need. There are 11 program formats available, whether you want to be a full-time student on our Gainesville campus or want to do your coursework fully online and never come to Gainesville during the program.

So what’s stopping you from being the next non-business major to pursue your next step with UF MBA? Request information today to get started!