Klodiana Lanaj and Remy Jennings
Martin L. Schaffel Professor Klodiana Lanaj and Management Ph.D. alumna Remy Jennings.

Improving your work-life balance can make you a more effective leader at work

Silencing your notifications and ignoring your email at the end of the workday could make you a better leader at your job, according to new research from Martin L. Schaffel Professor Klodiana Lanaj and Ph.D. alumna and Florida State University Assistant Professor Remy Jennings. 

“The simple message of this study is that if you want to be an effective leader at work, leave work at work,” said Lanaj, who led the research. “This is particularly important for inexperienced leaders, as they seem to benefit the most from recovery experiences when at home. Leaders have challenging jobs as they juggle their own role responsibilities with the needs of their followers, and they need to recover from the demands of the leadership role.”

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