Alberta and Albert Gator stand in front of a microphone on a stage presenting the "top story" at Warrington. They hold envelopes with "top story" written on the front.

10 top Warrington stories from 2020

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. From the loss of our beloved college namesake to a brand-new dean to an alumnus who accidentally emailed the entire university, it was a year filled with highs and lows, and kept us at the edge of our seats all 366 days (2020 had to be extra and also be a leap year).

To recap all that happened at Warrington this year, we collected the top 10 most popular stories from the Warrington Newsroom and listed them here for you to check out. Read on to see Warrington’s most popular stories from 2020.

  1. Warrington College of Business mourns the loss of UF’s greatest supporter and benefactor Al Warrington
  2. ‘I think I just emailed the entire university’
  3. Georgia Tech senior associate dean and IT management researcher appointed dean of Warrington
  4. Warrington College of Business mourns the loss of impactful retail educator Betsy Goodman
  5. Meet our Dean: Saby Mitra
  6. Driven by passion: How a UF Warrington alumnus conquered his shyness and built a million-dollar business
  7. 6 ways a master’s degree will prepare you for the post-COVID-19 job market
  8. Your 2020 summer reading list
  9. UF MBA offers second highest ROI in the nation according to US News
  10. UF ascends to No. 6 in U.S. News & World Report rankings

Here’s some other honorable mentions that are worth reading:

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