Warrington faculty member Anuj Kumar sitting in his office by a bookshelf holding up a magnifying class that reflects the courtyard outside of his office.
We reflect on the innovative and exciting contributions Warrington faculty members, like Matherly Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management Anuj Kumar, made to business research in 2018-2019.

Research Roundup: Innovative ideas from Warrington in 2018-2019

Over the 2018-2019 academic year, Warrington College of Business faculty members reminded us why they’re some of the best in the world. From producing hundreds of new research papers, to teaching countless students the fundamentals of business, to writing or being quoted in the news about trending topics, the innovative ideas from Warrington faculty members continued to elevate the college into one of the most respected in the world.

Warrington faculty had 150 papers accepted or published in the 2018-19 academic year, including:

Despite company efforts, gender pay discrimination still exists

  • Aaron Hill, Assistant Professor, Management

Want to save money for retirement? Check the fees on your 401(k)

  • Christopher James, William H. Dial/SunTrust Eminent Scholar Chair, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, with Warrington alumni Dominique C. Badoer (Ph.D. ’14) and Charles P. Costello (Ph.D. ’18)

‘Striving for innovation’ at your company? Be careful – it might be harmful to your employees

  • Mo Wang, Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar Chair, Management

Want to maximize your mutual fund investment returns? Find a portfolio manager with ‘skin in the game’

  • Yuehua Tang, Assistant Professor, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Consumers habitually seek the middle ground

  • Aner Sela, City Furniture Professor, Marketing

Study: Live in the moment, don’t selfie or snap it

  • Richard Lutz, JCPenney Professor, Marketing

Low female C-suite representation isn’t because of a ‘glass ceiling,’ rather a choice to ‘lean out’

  • Judy Scully Callahan, Senior Lecturer, Management

SOX 404(b) provides investor value after all

  • Bobby Carnes, Assistant Professor, Fisher School of Accounting

How companies can close the gender pay gap as efficiently as possible and what that may mean for pay at their firms

  • David Gaddis Ross, R. Perry Frankland Professor, Management

Pump-and-dump schemes detrimental to cryptocurrencies and investors

  • Tao Li, Assistant Professor and Baolian Wang, Assistant Professor, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Napoleon’s Hubris, Ali’s rope-a-dope: Business executives also base decisions on studying their rivals, submissive or provocative CEOs may draw attacks on their firms

  • Aaron Hill, Assistant Professor, Management

Probabilistic selling a key for companies selling vertically differentiated products

  • Amy Pan, Assistant Professor and Janice Carrillo, PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management, with Warrington alumnus Quan Zheng (Ph.D. ‘17)

‘Perfect’ employees beware – your perfectionism might be detrimental

  • Brian Swider, Assistant Professor, Management

‘Rounding Up’ beats traditional fundraising requests

  • Richard Lutz, JCPenney Professor, Marketing

How valuable are online product recommendations?

  • Anuj Kumar, Matherly Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management

Business owners: Looking to be more competitive? Try changing your organizational structure

  • Michael Mayberry, Jack Kramer Term Assistant Professor, Fisher School of Accounting

Warrington faculty members had 32 books and book chapters accepted or published, including:

  • Larry DiMatteo, Huber Hurst Professor, Management – “Chinese Contract Law: Comparative Perspectives”
  • Bruce Foerester, Lecturer, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate – “Capital Markets Handbook”
  • Richard Lutz, JCPenney Professor, Marketing – “Legends in Consumer Behavior: C. Whan Park”
  • Robert Emerson, Huber Hurst Professor, Management – “Law and Business”
  • Michael Schadewald, Clinical Associate Professor, Fisher School of Accounting – “Multistate Corporate Tax Guide”

Warrington faculty members received some of the highest rankings for their research:

Texas A&M/University of Georgia Rankings in Management

  • Research productivity per capita – #1
  • Research productivity per capita 2014-2018 – #3

University of Colorado – Boulder Per Capital Business Journal Rankings

  • Faculty research productivity per capita – #4 among U.S. public business schools; #9 among North American business schools

Warrington faculty by the numbers:

  • Tenure: 49
  • Tenure track: 25
  • Non-Tenure Track: 44
  • Total: 118

Faculty by Department:

  • Administration: 2
  • Management Communication: 7
  • Accounting: 21
  • Finance, Insurance & Real Estate: 25
  • Information Systems & Operations Management: 24
  • Management: 23
  • Marketing: 16