Joyce Bono, John Chen, Larry DiMatteo, Robert Emerson, Amir Erez, Aaron Hill, Klodiana Lanaj, Gwen Lee, David Ross, Brian Swider, Robert Thomas and Mo Wang
The 12 tenure-track faculty members of Warrington's Department of Management. From left: Joyce Bono, John Chen, Larry DiMatteo, Robert Emerson, Amir Erez, Aaron Hill, Klodiana Lanaj, Gwen Lee, David Gaddis Ross, Brian Swider, Robert Thomas and Mo Wang.

Warrington management department among top 3 in research productivity

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Despite its small size, the Department of Management at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business was ranked No. 3 for research productivity in the 2020 Texas A&M/University of Georgia Rankings of Management Department Research Productivity.

“It is great that the Management Department continues to take the lead on this productivity ranking,” said Mo Wang, Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar Chair, Department of Management Chair and Director of the Human Resource Research Center. “It is a true testament of our college’s research-oriented culture and commitment to contributing to the broader knowledge basis for business education.”

Warrington’s management department earned its No. 3 ranking thanks to the efforts of its 12 tenure-track faculty members, who published 13 pieces of research across eight top-tier management journals including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Personnel Psychology, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. In the publications per capita ranking, Warrington’s management department was No. 1, averaging 1.083 pieces of research per faculty member in 2020.

Warrington’s management department rose to the No. 2 position for research productivity per capita in the 5-year total, measuring research produced from 2016-2020, with its 12 faculty members producing 55 pieces of research and averaging 4.719 pieces per faculty member. For overall research publications, it was ranked the No. 11 program out of 150 public and private institutions.

Below are just a few recent examples of research that contribute to the management department’s research productivity excellence.

“With great power comes…benefits and costs?” – Klodiana Lanaj, Martin L. Schaffel Professor and Trevor Foulk (Ph.D. ’17), University of Maryland.

“’I am not a crook’: How companies can respond when a partner is embroiled in scandal” – Aaron Hill, Assistant Professor

“Dream job to nightmare: Why teachers decide to leave the profession” – Brian Swider, Associate Professor

“What’s the best way to manage a multi-generational workforce? Not by managing based on generation, researchers warn” – Mo Wang, Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar Chair

UF Warrington professor to research fairness in AI hiring practices thanks to National Science Foundation, Amazon award